David Brunning, also known as TheKidBelo, is a professional painter and artist from Calgary, Alberta (Canada) working in the mediums of acrylic, aerosol and oil since the late 1990's. A former graffiti artist, David "Belo" Brunning has expanded into the fine art realm with his contemporary, abstract work. An avid traveler and brand enthusiast who is motivational through his art, speaking and overall presence, David seeks to create paintings that ultimately inspire others to see past the obvious, feel beyond the nominal and permeate that everyday space of existence.

With a wonderfully expressive and vibrantly creative mind, David's work often reflects his personal life experiences or thematic groupings rich with style and tonal presence, voicing that wildly expressive, colorful street feel he is known for or the more subdued, minimalist approach he sometimes settles into. Throughout much of his commissioned based paintings, whether canvas or murals, his client's personal lives or interests become the means for inspiration.

David also owns the small, boutique clothing brands, Le Hvy Styl Est (LEHVY) and Death Defeated, as well as a private barber club, Fades For Days. He is often sought after for his ideas behind branding, creative direction and relational interaction.

Currently David resides in Mount Maunganui, New Zealand, on an extended sabbatical. He will return to Canada midyear, 2017.



2015   Lost in Transition @ 820 11 Ave SW, Calgary, Alberta (solo show)

2011    Fourteen @ DaDe Gallery, Calgary, Alberta (solo show)

2009   Love, Strength & Soul @ Cooper Cole Gallery, Toronto, Ontario (collaborative show with New York artist, Tim Okamura)

2009   Procession @ The Gallery, Calgary, Alberta (solo show)

2007   Brooklyn Mythology @ Axis Contemporary Art, Calgary, Alberta (collaborative show with New York artist, Tim Okamura)

2005   Art Under Pressure @ Art Gallery of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta (group show)


City of Calgary Municipal Collection.


FFWD Magazine's "Best Visual Artist": 2008, 2010, 2011